Go Hungary

"My host family is superbly good! I love them all, and they love me too. They highly regard the family member connections as one of the most important part of their lives. I experience a really different family live here in Hungary. They spend a lot of time together, communicating and sharing their daily events to each other. They are really professional in enjoying life. They can make everything great for everybody. I love spending time with them." Jeena (2013-2014, China)


"Hungary became to a second home country to me. The Hungarian people are very special and I like the way how they express their feelings. I think they are very honest and if you’re ones in their hearts, they will keep you inside." Monika (2012-2013, Germany)


"I really liked Christmas. It was very interesting that everything was closed and everybody celebrated with their families. Totally different from Japan. We also went over to Grandma’s and celebrated there with the whole family. We decorated the Christmas tree together and went to mass at midnight." Soma (2013-2014, Japan)



"You will love people in Hungary, they're kind. When you cannot understand the language which is spoken, they're patient, they speak slooooow and LOUDLY, even though this doesn't make you understand. You will also love YFU-Hungary, they're like a family. They do know what to do and they do love what they do." Nehir (2012-2013, Turkey)


"Home' is where you can be lazy, do something silly, eat even you are not hungry and where you can cry because you feel yourself is safe. Yes! I was at home! I'm so lucky to have lived in Hungary with my host family." Mook (2013-2014, Thailand)



Szia” (meaning hi and bye) confuse me a lot! I don’t know if they are greeting me or saying goodbye or just being polite, so I don’t know if I should stop and start a conversation or continue my way." Mariana (2013-2014, Mexico)



"When I started at the music school, I never believed myself capable of what the other students could play.  However, the experience was fantastic.  I learned to practice hard and was able to improve immensely on my horn playing.  I liked going to a music school because I liked having a specific goal in mind.Maggie (2010-2011, USA)